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It is surprising just how many motivational speakers lack sensitivity to their surroundings. They fail to notice that they are already losing the audience because they are so busy basking in the “attention” and staying focused on their speech. Some people can only focus on one thing at a time after all. These speakers usually lack emotional quotient (EQ) to even throw attention to what’s happening in front of them.

What’s more surprising is that because many motivational speakers are the ones who are on top of their organizations or at the peak of their professions, many of them have also developed egos and overconfidence that make them believe that failure and ineffectiveness are impossible for speakers.

Nevertheless, many speakers know exactly what happens in the crowd. They know that the audience is already slipping away but choose not to pay any attention to it so as to save their concentration and avoid feeling embarrassed while speaking.

This can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing if they use this strategy to stay focused on the important matter, which is to deliver the speech as effective as they can for those who are still listening intently. On the other hand, it is a bad thing if they make a habit out of ignoring their audience when they start to slip away because it means that they try to get it over with instead of try to win them back. This type of motivational speaker is considered a speaker for the few.

A motivational speaker shouldn’t be like that because his job is not merely to deliver an inspiring speech but also to make sure that everyone in the audience actually pays attention. A speaker needs to do this if he wants to save his face and reputation, as well as that of the organizers.

What a motivational speaker needs is EQ and sensitivity. Or, why not start by taking notice of the signs that say the audience is already slipping away.


When the venue becomes noisier because of whispers and snorts in unison, it’s a sign that the members of the audience are already getting bored or losing interest on the topic. They are doing other things to pass time.

Motivational speakerThere are some techniques that may help you gain back their attention. You can speak louder to overcome the noise. It’s a little harsh, but they will understand what you are trying to do. You can also use transitional phrases to imply that something interesting and important is about to come. Another way is to make a breather, like an anecdote, joke, or multimedia presentation.

2.People chatting with one another

Two people chatting with one another do not necessarily create noise, but they can be obvious from where the motivational speaker stands.

People chat with one another due to boredom or lack of interest. However, it’s also possible that they are having an exchange of opinions in response to your statements. They may also be disagreeing with you.

When you see them chat, you can do the same with number one but also focus your attention towards their direction. They won’t risk getting embarrassed so they will look and listen to you intently once again.

3.Frowning and shaking of head

How can these signs be any more obvious? Surprisingly though, many rookie motivational speakers pay little attention to the facial expressions of their audience, sometimes for a good reason. Some speakers are easily distracted with the audience’s expressions, especially when they indicate disagreement. However, it’s important to take notice because they tell you that there is something wrong.

Again, this can be a sign of boredom, lack of interest, or disagreement. Usually, though, it’s a sign that your statement is not clear enough. Hence, go back to your statement, expound on it, and give more examples or illustrations.

There is more to article writing other than grammar. An effective article has to serve its purpose in informing the readers while providing them entertainment.

If the writer nailed the technical aspect of his article, then good for him. However, for the article to be much better, it should reflect these qualities that professional writers infuse into their own sets of articles.

1.The articles are well-planned.

Article writerGood writers plan before they write. Although they can fix the mistakes after writing everything, doing so is not advisable. To save time and to make sure that their article is informative, they plan it way ahead.

To do that, they first choose an interesting subject as their main topic. Then they make an outline, using the main topic as their guide. They include content that readers may relate to. They also decide on which information should go first, second, and so on.

2.They follow the K.I.S.S. concept.

This should not only be applied to article writing. Writers should focus on presenting facts and ideas well, rather than showcasing their wide vocabulary.

An excellent article is one that every reader can understand. An article that is too complicated is boring, aside from incomprehensible.

3.Writers give the articles enough attention.

The introduction needs a lot of attention since it has to engage the readers. For the main body, writers have to avoid lengthy paragraphs. In article writing, they are free to make as many paragraph as they need and they must use that to their advantage.

The sentences in one paragraph must be related with each other but not necessarily affirming one another. An article that reveals two opposite opinions regarding the main topic is surely interesting. Still, many writers remain neutral unless they do not mind being hated by one group of readers.

4.The article starts as a rough draft.

In article writing, writers are also free to write a draft before coming up with the actual article. In this rough draft, they are allowed to discuss what they want without minding grammar and sentence construction.

After that, they will decide if everything they have written are important and must be included in the article. Then they will proofread the work, fix the errors, arrange the paragraphs in a logical manner, simplify the complicated ideas, and write a second draft.

5.The article has presented its purpose well.

Firstly, the article has to have a purpose which is to inform, to describe, to define, to persuade, to suggest, or to present opinions effectively. Secondly, the article must comply with its objective because otherwise, it cannot be called an effective article.

How does one know if an article manages to serve its purpose? Well, if it informs and engages readers, then there’s no doubt that it has served its purpose.

6.The headlines are eye-popping.

The headline will be the first thing that possible readers will see in an article so it has to be really catchy. It has to catch their attention and make them so interested that they would want to explore what was written for them.

The main topic should also be inserted in the headline for the readers to know what they are about to read.

7.There is an equally-catchy subheading.

Articles with subheadings are edgy, especially if the writer was able to make the headline and subheading equally catchy. Subheadings can also be the brief summaries of articles.

8.The article is likable.

Article writing is also a form of art. It is an art of expressing and presenting various, and sometimes contradicting, ideas and facts in the best way possible.

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The result of your game is affected by the kind of golf shoes you wear. Your shoes also affect your swinging positions. If you haven't succeeded in golf, perhaps it's time to think about your shoes and get new ones.

Styles of Golf Shoes

A golf shoe is available in four styles: sandal style, boot style, classic style, and street style. Sandal-style shoes let you golf in warm climates. They're cheap because they don't protect your feet from rain, snow, and wind. They also don't keep your feet from slipping or sliding. Boot-style shoes are expensive because they keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

Golf shoesClassic-style shoes let you golf in cold climates, warm climates, or both. The price of these shoes depends on their construction material. Classic-style shoes with leather are usually expensive. Classic-style shoes with synthetic material are typically cheap. These shoes may have a narrower toe tip.

Street-style shoes don't have a heel. They're usually waterproof and are manufactured from leather or synthetic leather. Younger golfers can wear them because they look like sneakers.

Cleaning Process of the Shoes

A golf shoe should be cleaned with a white cloth that's damp with a solution of warm water and mild soap. The mild soap can be replaced with a gentle laundry detergent.

Drying Process of the Shoes

A golf shoe should completely dry at room temperature. Stuffing it with cotton towel, newspaper, or cedar shoe trees can also dry the shoe. The newspaper should be changed every 8-10 hours until the shoe becomes dry.

Size of the Shoes

Your feet will get blisters and abrasions if you wear shoes that are too narrow. This usually happens to people who wear shoes that are narrow at the toes. Your feet will get abrasions if you wear shoes that are too wide. Your feet should have enough space to move freely in the shoes.

Weight of the Shoes

Unlike lightweight shoes, heavy shoes can tire your feet if you've been playing golf for a long time.

Comfort of Golf Shoes

A golf shoe may have a cushion in the insole or the midsole. The insole may contain a thick padding or gel so that you won't acquire foot problems. Foot problems include blistering, calluses, and abrasions. The midsole may contain soft foam so that your feet won't become too tired. There should be waterproof lining in the golf shoe to allow perspiration to escape.

You should be able to make different feet positions while trying the shoes in a store. You can stand on one foot at a time or stand on your toes while trying on the shoes. The middle portion of the shoes must stretch overtime if it feels tight for the first time. You should also able to wiggle your toes as you're in a swinging position.

Spikes of Golf Shoes

A golf shoe comes in two kinds of spikes: rubber and metal. Rubber spikes don't clack as you walk on hard and flat surfaces. They don't tear authentic and artificial grass from the ground. They also grip onto wet and flat surfaces to prevent slipping.

Metal spikes allow shoes to grip further into the soil. They may make your legs or feet ache if you wear them for too long.

A golf shoe may have long spikes, short spikes, or longer spikes. Soil is gripped by long spikes. Artificial grass or real grass is gripped by short spikes. Soft soil is gripped by longer spikes.

Avoid wearing the shoes on the pavement as much as possible so that the spikes won't become damaged.

Always prioritize the comfort of your feet before the other factors when it comes to golf shoes. Make sure that your shoes help you make a good swinging position.

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Patches are clothing embellishments that are much more than simple adornments. A small patch can bring a bigger story to the clothing—a story about the person who wears it. The simple, lowly, unassuming piece of fabric has originally been used to cover holes and threadbare areas in garments. Today, the use of patches has expanded.

The practice of placing patches on clothes has been around for a long time. People have found several uses for it, from its original purpose of patching or covering holes to becoming a symbol. Designs have become more diverse, depending on the purposes of these patches. Over time, different meanings have been attached to patches based on the designs and where they are worn.

The military, in particular, has its share of military patches, not to cover the worn out areas in their uniforms, but to signify something else. For years, the military uniform has evolved, from the simple peasant clothing of old wars to the more distinguished dress uniforms of today. Along with the improvement in military fashion, is the introduction of the military patches. These small pieces of fabric are sewn on certain areas of the uniform.

This type of patch is worn on the soldiers’ uniforms, as mandated by military decrees. It is placed in prominent areas to denote rank, branch, unit assignment and special qualifications. This can be handy when the uniforms are all very similar. It can be used as a means for identification. For example, when in combat, one can easily spot a comrade through a patch on the garments.

Traditionally, military patches show the rank of the wearer, what branch he is serving under and his current unit assignment. In the case of non-commissioned officers, the number of rockers or chevrons on the patch denotes rank.

custom patchesSometimes, special patches are given out and worn. These special patches are made for soldiers who were part of a special operation. There are times when soldiers from a division are selected for a specific mission. They may be chosen on a per assignment basis. Sometimes they may have been set apart to form an elite group within a group. This may also occur across the military. There are times when representatives or exceptional soldiers from different branches of the military are taken to form one cohesive group for a joint operation.

These men and women are given patches for their membership and for the success of their elite group’s goals. The patches can be worn over the service uniforms, so that during the mission, they can easily distinguish their comrades from personnel from other friendly units. Note, however, that soldiers on sensitive missions do not wear anything that can compromise their identities. For example, they do not wear name patches that the enemy can use to gain more information to be used against the soldier. Or it may be worn on their dress uniforms signifying an achievement of belonging to that special elite group.

Military patches are important parts of a soldier’s uniform. Each patch has a special designated place. They are worn in just the right places. They may just be a piece of fabric but they have their own place and their own meaning. For example, the US flag is sewn on the sleeves, not on the shoulders. The name patch is placed above the right breast pocket. The patch that denotes unit assignment is placed on the left shoulder. They are not placed in random areas because some patches would carry different meanings if the positions were altered. It is part of the uniform that deserves respect and reverence.

Advertisements are very important for a business, event, organization, or even for a personality to be known. If there is anything you want the crowd to know, advertising is one act you should engage in. There are a lot of advertising campaigns that are being done around the world but not everything are cost efficient and effective at the same time. It is a rare combination to have a budget-friendly advertisement that could literally “wow” the public. If you go for the first one, you’ll have to sacrifice the latter and vice versa.

ID lanyardsWhat if there is a way to actually have both? An advertising campaign that won’t hurt your budget too much but would make a great impact to the public. Sounds unrealistic? Believe now. ID lanyards are the bomb when it comes to advertising.

Here are the reasons why you should go for these in your next advertising endeavor:

1. The cost gets lower, the more you order.

There are a lot of shops that makes lanyards that offers huge discounts for those who order in bulk. Why? It’s because they can get their materials on a cheaper price as well. This is perfect for huge campaigns with tight budgets.

2. The public loves it.

Imagine handing out a sheet of paper where your advertisement is printed on. Try to hand it out and count how many people will refuse you. The result will inevitably be high. The public doesn’t want any more trash inside their bags and those sheets of paper will definitely be perceived as such. ID lanyards are perfect in making your target public attracted to your advertisement. Why? It’s because they can use those cords. Lanyards arethings that people can keep for future use or even for an immediate usage. No one will refuse a single lanyard if it’s given out for free.

3. It is a walking advertisement

Billboards and LCD screens were created for advertisement. Companies offering these are booming because a lot of businesses would pay millions just so they could catch the attention of the public. Well, such displays might really catch the eye of the public but there are restrictions. One, doesn’t have the time to look up to see your advertisements. If they don’t see it on an eyelevel, your advertisement won’t be effective. ID lanyards on the other hand is a walking advertisement. People can see your advertisement while they’re walking down the street, while their waiting for a cab, or even while they are on a subway. Your advertisement could reach places beyond your projected target market. This is good because it could mean a bigger market for you. An advertisement is considered very effective if you reach your projected market and even exceed it.

4. It has a more personalized touch.

Most advertisers nowadays don’t really care about their market. All they want is to convey their ads and make the public know about whatever it is they offer. This is why pamphlets are so common nowadays. You just print out your advertisement in a fairly glossy paper and voila! You now have an advertisement. ID lanyards don’t work that way. These have a more personalized touch since the customers will be wearing it. Lanyards will be brought to their homes, be a part of their everyday life, and can even be a great memorabilia for them in events – especially in those where something really good happened. It is a two-way relationship. They advertise for you by wearing your lanyards and you’ll be giving them a great lanyard that they can be used throughout their lives. That’s what experts call an effective advertisement!

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