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Have you ever wondered what does a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant do? Are you wondering if the consultants at can really help you out? In this article, we’ll give you details about the job description of an SEO consultant so you would know what to look for if you want to hire one.

Analyze Keywords

Keywords are a vital part of SEO. Therefore, the consultant should know how to identify and analyze target keywords relative to the company’s products and services. He must also identify the current rankings of these keywords and determine potential new target keywords.


seo-consultingObviously, a SEO consultant should possess an in-depth knowledge about optimizing web pages. At, you can find a good consultant who knows how to integrate target keywords and phrases. These keywords must be executed on posts using the mechanical elements of SEO such as images, h-tags, and text attributes. The consultants are also adept in different strategies of using long-tailed keyword phrases and head keyword verticals.

Knowledgeable About Company’s Profile

Every company is unique so it’s important that the consultant understands the nature of his client’s business. In order to provide the best SEO services, he should learn more about the company’s objectives, business niche, industry, brand attributes, products, and competitors. Knowing these details will allow the consultant to work on areas of the company’s site that need improvements.

Improve Customer Experience

The SEO consultant’s job doesn’t only revolve in keyword optimization. He should also be quick to determine how to improve the customers’ experiences whenever they visit the site. A neat and professional template is the best example for this. If the website is easy to navigate, visitors can quickly find what they are looking for.

Usually, people who look for services online don’t have much time to stay online. They would want to finish their online transactions as quickly as possible. For this cause, websites with complex templates cannot get ahold of busy clients. If the company’s target customers are people who are always on the go, its website must be free from irrelative ads and information.

Diagnose Technical Issues

Technical issues can occur at any time. The consultants that you can find at are able to resolve common technical issues such as pagination, canonicalization, 301/302 redirects, 404 errors, crawl errors, duplicate content, and XML sitemap, among others. In addition, they know how to check the speed of page load and the readability of the site for mobile users.

Deliver Unique Content

Writing an original content is very important. If the consultant doesn’t do the writing, he should at least be able to provide coaching tips for proofreading and copy writing. Each article should be high in quality. Remove unessential and old information.

Achieve High Rank In Google

Google-RankingThe main objective of SEO consultants is to achieve high ranking in Google. Of course, whenever someone searches for something in the internet, the top ten pages that appear on Google have the highest potential to be visited. In order to get there, the site manager should be able to apply the strategies mentioned above.


The consultant keeps on track of the budget for campaign expenses. Online marketing can be tricky and a lot of changes can occur along the process of optimizing a web’s pages. It’s important that the SEO knows what areas of SEO to prioritize especially if the client was in a tight budget.


One of the secrets of a successful business is customer service. The same is true with SEO consultants. Consultants often work remotely so their clients can’t monitor them technically. For this reason, a constant communication through chat, email, or phone call is relatively important. The consultant should provide important updates to the company owner from time to time. He must always report about the progress of optimization and whether the SEO strategies are working or not.

Now that you know all about the job description of a SEO consultant, you already have an idea what to expect when you hire one. If you don’t know where to look for an expert, just visit us at

In this article, we’ll give you details about the job description of an SEO, you can find a good consultant who knows how to integrate target keywords and phrases.