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Rubber bracelets are accessories worn on the wrist, which is made up of solid, stretchable rubber loops. This accessory became popular these days as both men and women are using it. Rubber materials used in these bracelets are strong, durable and water resistant. They are also available in different colors such as blue, white, black, pink, green, yellow and many more. There are different reasons why people use these popular bracelets. Read further to know why we use them today.


Advertising products became very creative these days. Companies use these bands to help promote a certain brand, product or the service they offer. Some of the most commonly advertised are an upcoming event, telecom or internet service, a beverage company, seminars and even promotion of an organization. This is one effective way to be noticed by potential customers. Rubber accessories are cheap and easily manufactured. They are also very powerful and effective means of advertising.


Many rubber wristband manufacturers customize the designs based on personal specifications and preference of the one who is going to wear it. There are a lot of different colors to choose from. You can avail all the colors that would match your outfits and mood. It can also be designed using screen printing. This process would not let you spend a lot of money but can turn your bands into stylish accessories. You can make your outfit more fashionable by adding these rubber wristbands in your list of accessories.


Sport WristbandLance Armstrong, a champion cyclist, was among the first sports personality who used rubber wristband. However, he also used this during that time to show his support for his charity. In some sports event like basketball, colored bands are useful. They are not just worn for sports fashion statement, but are also used to distinguish the members of the team. Fans of the team may also use the same colored bands to show their support.


When Lance Armstrong first used rubber wristbands in 2004, he was able to gather funds that will help support his foundation, which provides for cancer patients. It was also featured in one of the episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show to encourage people to order the rubber bracelets. These events started the popularity and increase in sales of the bands.


Messages can also be printed in the wristbands. Couples show their love through these bands. Instead of giving rings, the rubber wristbands are more affordable. They print love messages such as “Love, Faith, Hope” or “Love Makes the World Go Round” and it will serve as a gift to their partner. Many couple around the world uses rubber wristbands to express their love to one another.


Many party or event organizers use rubber wristbands to identify their visitors. It is a way to make sure that there are no trespassers. In an event, it is a very effective form of security to protect the people who are attending the occasion. Hospitalized patients are also given rubber wristbands to recognize their identity since there are a lot of people in that place. It is the easiest and the most practical way to know the people around.

Color in rubber bracelets are used to deliver special messages. Aside from the color, the designs, sizes and shapes give unique appearance to the bracelet relating them to the organization they support. The colored rubber wristbands help increase awareness and even funds for these groups.

White Bracelets

White colored rubber wristbands are often related to Christianity. They are used to gather support for the different activities for the Christians. They also wanted people to be aware of their religious purposes by imprinting messages like “Right to Life” and “Jesus Loves Me in the wristbands. The combination of black and white in a rubber wristband raises awareness on racism. It is used to show support for anti-racist causes.

Camouflage Bracelets

This kind of wristband usually consists of three colors. It is commonly used for members of the armed forces. It is used to support campaigns in army recruitment. Camouflage bands and green colored bands are both used to show support for the armed forces.

Red Bracelets

Red was used as a symbol for different diseases and also life events. Red bracelets were used to gather funds for those who were affected by tsunami. This color was also used to raise awareness on diseases such as HIV and AIDS, heart disorder and stroke. These red awareness bracelets were also used to raise funds and support for diabetes.

Rainbow Ribbon Bracelets

The LGBT or Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transsexual community used rubber bracelets to seek support and equal rights all over the world. The members of the community wear the rainbow bracelets, which symbolizes gay pride.

Blue Bracelets

The blue colored wristbands are used to seek support and awareness for the disease called cystic fibrosis. The blue color is also used to support the advocacy in preventing domestic violence and child abuse.

Yellow Bracelets

Lance Armstrong used yellow bracelets to seek funds and support for his cancer organization. Since then, the yellow colored awareness bracelets were already associated with cancer. Cancer patients and survivors were among those people who use these yellow wristbands.

Pink Bracelets

The color pink was popularly associated with breast cancer. This kind of bands show support for thousands of women suffering from breast cancer as well as those who have survived.

Orange Bracelets

This color has helped people become aware of diseases and conditions such as systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis and also Asperger’s Syndrome. The color orange wristbands were also used by American Cancer Society for their campaign against Lung Cancer. “Live free, Smoke free” was the slogan imprinted in the bands to promote their anti-smoking drive.

Rubber bracelets are not only used for fashion and style. They are also used to help people become aware and raise funds for some organizational groups.

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Lanyards are very practical to use. They are also lightweight so wearing a lanyard will make you feel uncomfortable and awkward. People often see students, interns and employees using them to hold their ID’s and USB flash drives. The cord of each lanyard is also durable and resistant to fraying. It is almost impossible for the lanyard cord to snap and tear with regular use. The material used for the lanyard cord will usually not cause irritation and chaffing on the skin. These properties render them very useful not just in schools and offices.

For Securing Objects

LanyardsThe first thing that comes to mind when people think of a lanyard is attaching an object on the end so that it’s easier to carry it around. Other than ID’s and USB thumb drives, lanyards can hold cellphones, whistles, cameras, passes, and other things. Coaches and referees always secure their whistles at the end of their lanyard to free their hands to signal the players. Police officers and traffic enforcers attach their handheld transceivers or walkie-talkies to their lanyards so their hands are free to conduct traffic. Small items like USB flash drives can easily get lost because of their size. Securing them at the end of a lanyard will make them easier to spot, especially if the cord is brightly colored. In bazaars, tradeshows, big exhibits, science fairs and charity events, organizers and ushers often wear a lanyard to show their participation in the event. That way, guests and sponsors can easily identify them and ask for their help if necessary. In some cases, even hats and eyeglasses are attached on the end of a lanyard.

For Brand Promotion and Advertisement

In schools and businesses, lanyards are often given for free. On the cord of the lanyard, you will see the business name and logo printed. Some of them will include contact details. This is a subtle way of promoting their brand and increasing exposure; they will provide something that is free and useful to the student, employee or client. The corporation and academic institution know that the recipient of the lanyard will use it. As a result, the lanyard can be seen by other people. This also works for organizations, charities and formal party events.

For Giving a Sense of Identity

You have probably seen many personnel in retail shops wearing lanyards to hold their ID’s. This not only serves as brand promotion or advertisement, they can also increase the employees’ sense of belongingness with the company. This is not limited to large corporations, Government institutions and schools also print their brand and logo on their lanyard cords. Most schools require that their students wear the officially issued lanyard cord with the school name whenever they are within their grounds, this is also true for most companies.

For Self-Expression

A lanyard is not limited to professional and academic use. They are also available for decorative purposes. Just like on any lanyard, an object can be attached at the end. However, the cord can have fancy, decorative prints that do not bear any brand name. Some lanyard cords can be made out of beads, pearls and crystals instead of the usual fabric. For women who do not want to look too formal but want the same kind of functionality lanyards offer, decorative types suit them wall.

For Safety Purposes

A lanyard can also be used for safety and emergency. Important information such as address and contact numbers can be printed on the lanyard. Some people like to do this on a customized lanyard cord and attach it to their dog’s leash.

Advertisements are very important for a business, event, organization, or even for a personality to be known. If there is anything you want the crowd to know, advertising is one act you should engage in. There are a lot of advertising campaigns that are being done around the world but not everything are cost efficient and effective at the same time. It is a rare combination to have a budget-friendly advertisement that could literally “wow” the public. If you go for the first one, you’ll have to sacrifice the latter and vice versa.

ID lanyardsWhat if there is a way to actually have both? An advertising campaign that won’t hurt your budget too much but would make a great impact to the public. Sounds unrealistic? Believe now. ID lanyards are the bomb when it comes to advertising.

Here are the reasons why you should go for these in your next advertising endeavor:

1. The cost gets lower, the more you order.

There are a lot of shops that makes lanyards that offers huge discounts for those who order in bulk. Why? It’s because they can get their materials on a cheaper price as well. This is perfect for huge campaigns with tight budgets.

2. The public loves it.

Imagine handing out a sheet of paper where your advertisement is printed on. Try to hand it out and count how many people will refuse you. The result will inevitably be high. The public doesn’t want any more trash inside their bags and those sheets of paper will definitely be perceived as such. ID lanyards are perfect in making your target public attracted to your advertisement. Why? It’s because they can use those cords. Lanyards arethings that people can keep for future use or even for an immediate usage. No one will refuse a single lanyard if it’s given out for free.

3. It is a walking advertisement

Billboards and LCD screens were created for advertisement. Companies offering these are booming because a lot of businesses would pay millions just so they could catch the attention of the public. Well, such displays might really catch the eye of the public but there are restrictions. One, doesn’t have the time to look up to see your advertisements. If they don’t see it on an eyelevel, your advertisement won’t be effective. ID lanyards on the other hand is a walking advertisement. People can see your advertisement while they’re walking down the street, while their waiting for a cab, or even while they are on a subway. Your advertisement could reach places beyond your projected target market. This is good because it could mean a bigger market for you. An advertisement is considered very effective if you reach your projected market and even exceed it.

4. It has a more personalized touch.

Most advertisers nowadays don’t really care about their market. All they want is to convey their ads and make the public know about whatever it is they offer. This is why pamphlets are so common nowadays. You just print out your advertisement in a fairly glossy paper and voila! You now have an advertisement. ID lanyards don’t work that way. These have a more personalized touch since the customers will be wearing it. Lanyards will be brought to their homes, be a part of their everyday life, and can even be a great memorabilia for them in events – especially in those where something really good happened. It is a two-way relationship. They advertise for you by wearing your lanyards and you’ll be giving them a great lanyard that they can be used throughout their lives. That’s what experts call an effective advertisement!

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